Japanese Restaurant

The design celebrates ‘order', as well as nature and the use of earthy materials. The pergola and ceiling beams featured on the main floor were carefully designed with considered spacing and materials. The basement corridor to the WCs was inspired by old Kyoto alleyways, and carefully pieced together with different widths of timber.

The five WCs were inspired by different seasons in Japan - Spring, Rain Season (Tsuyu), Summer, Autumn and W inter, in which we specified different tiles and varied wall plaster for each cubicle. We designed our own ‘Male’, ‘Female’ and ‘Disabled’ signs to be featured on lanterns and doors for way-finding. The characters were inspired by traditional calligraphy. And the lanterns, made with resin sheets that mimicked paper, were inspired by lanterns seen in the old streets of Kyoto.

Japanese Restaurant Shopfront Sketch

Shopfront sketch

Japanese Restaurant Ground Floor Axo

Ground Floor sketch

Japanese Restaurant Basement Axo

Basement sketch

Japanese Restaurant Photo

Photo of the interior



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