Somerset House
Great Arch Hall (Mock Project)

This project brief was to create an interesting space with a coffee/tea area and seating for 8 to 12 for everyday visitors in the Great Arch Hall in Somerset House.

My concept is based on the quote ‘Typography at its best is a visual form of language linking timelessness and time’ by Canadian typographer Robert Bringhurst. I explored typography as art, and the link between timeless styles of typography and how it can be presented in a modern light. In other words, it is a space made up of words and abbreviations that people today can relate to, but in classical fonts and the classical setting of Somerset House.

Please view pdf for in-depth design journey, concepts, drawings and samples. View PDF

BrandSomerset House Great Arch Hall (Mock Project)

YearFeb 2015

Floor Plan Section Two Point Two Point Join the Banter 2 Seater OMG Chairs

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