Copper and Granite Kitchen Unit

The brief is to design a division unit for the client’s kitchen and dining room. One natural and one man-made material must be used to construct the unit. Copper and granite were the chosen materials, and they would be used to make a kitchen island. Copper does not only have a stylish appeal, its incredible antimicrobial ability makes it a favourable material for worktops and sinks. The ease to melt, shape and cast copper also makes it a great choice for accessories like door handles. The dark colour of the granite and its granular texture contrasts that of copper’s. Structurally, granite is strong and durable, and when it is used as the base, it helps support the copper worktop. However, granite is too heavy to make cupboard doors out of, and it would be difficult to construct a curved door, so the cupboard doors are constructed out of black veneered MDF.

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BrandWandsworth Apartment


Concept “Perspective"/ “1:10 A2 poster

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